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The Ultimate Mens Watch Brand List: 128 Timeless Timepieces

December 3, 2021

When we say there are thousands of men’s watch brands available, we aren’t kidding. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by them. We made things easier for you by creating the ultimate mens watch brand list.

British Watch Brands

1.  Bremont

If you’re looking to pick up a British watch, it’ll most likely be a Bremont piece. They are the largest watch producer in the British Isles. They were founded in 2002 by brothers Nick and Giles English. Parts are made in house, and Bremont is known for its intricate designs. Aviation and diving watches are their forte.

2.  Arnold & Son

Technically a Swiss brand, the company was founded by a Brit – Jon Arnold in 1787. He was a master at producing chronometers for ships. That’s why Arnold & Son has 2 lines dedicated to him – the Royal and Instrument nautical collections.

3.  Graham

Like Arnold & Son, Graham is a Swiss watchmaking company. Much of their collections are inspired by British timekeeping. The company was named after George Graham, who was the British scientist responsible for discovering magnetic fields.

4.  Roger Smith

Roger Smith is a brand originating from the Isle of Man. Although not technically a part of Britain, it is under the British crown. The company is named after its manufacturer. He handmakes mechanical pieces from scratch. He is arguably one of the best watchmakers in the world – he is the pupil of George Daniels, the acclaimed horologist. If you want a luxury British brand, Roger Smith is the name for you. It only produces 10 watches a year – some of them cost over 250,000 pounds.

5.  CWC

CWC is known for its watches that are inspired by the British military. It was founded by Ray Mellor, who is an ex-serviceman. Much of the brand’s pieces are worn by the British military themselves – like the CWC G10.

6.  Farer

The watchmaker makes pieces that look like they’re from the 60s and 70s. However, they’re made with ultra-modern materials. Products are inspired by travel. That’s why they are named after great British explorers and vessels. They’re good looking and cost quite a bit. Around $2000 is their price tag.

7.  Speake-Marin

Speake-Marin only offers 3 collections. Each of them is stunning – and as you can imagine, pricey. The brand is connected to Audemars Piguet.  Watchmaker Peter Speake-Marin, who is English, left Audemars to create his company. Their timepieces are inspired by British timekeeping but are made in Switzerland.

8.  Loomes & Co.

Loomes & Co is one of the more famous British brands on our list. They produce much of the parts themselves. Some of them are sourced to producers, though. Their watches are award-winning. Their Everest and White-Robin pieces are well-acclaimed in the watch industry.

9.  Garrick

Garrick doesn’t produce timepieces in large batches. A lot of craftsmanship goes into them, so this isn’t a surprise. They recently designed their own hand-wound movement, which not a lot of watch companies do. Their watches include classic British designs.

10.  Pinion

Pinion is fairly new to the watch game. It was founded in 2013 by graphic designer Piers Berry. He always had a passion for mechanical watches and decided to open his own company, which is based in Oxfordshire. Their watches are truly British – they believe that British timepieces should not be influenced by parts and mechanisms by other nations. The brand is famous for its classic-looking pieces.

11.  Christopher Ward

Christopher Ward is a company that was founded by three college students. They produce very diverse watches. You’ll see hardcore dive watches up to classic dress watches. They are of high quality. Christopher Ward believes in cutting out the middle man, selling directly to the consumer.

12.  Schofield

They manufacturer aeronautical timepieces. Schofield has a thing for ‘old-world’ designs, so they look retro.  They are based in Sussex. Their devices used to be produced in Germany. They are now entirely made in England.

13.  Robert Loomes

Its owners come from a family of watchmakers that trace their ancestry back to the 16th century. The brand focuses on quality, so a limited amount of watches are produced a year. Robert Loomes is known for the old Smith movement – the mechanism that was in Sir Edmund Hillary’s watch when he climbed Mt Everest in 1953. The company redid it, putting it in their Robin line.

14.  Mr. Jones

Something that you’ll notice about the brand is that its watches look exquisite. Mr. Jones focuses on timepieces that ‘look like works of art’. They were exclusively Japanese quartz at first, but the company now produces beautiful mechanical pieces. 

15.  Marloe Watch Co 

Marloe Watch Co was founded by two friends. They are watch enthusiasts who met in 2005. They weren’t happy with the state of the hand-wound industry, so founded their own company. The designs of their watches are known to have hidden details. They are ultra-elegant and make for the best gifts.

16.  Smiths

Remember that we mentioned how Robert Loomes redid the Smith movement that was in Sir Edmund Hillary’s Watch? The Smiths watch company created it. They are one of the oldest British watchmakers around, having a history that goes back to 1880. Like many, Smiths started off creating pocket watches. They were arguably the leading manufacturer in Britain until the Quartz crisis struck. Today, they have got back on track and are doing well.

Close-up of a watch

French Watch Brands

17.  Baltic

This is another microbrand. They came into being in 2017 and were influenced by the founder’s father’s watch collection. Like many microbrands, Baltic was founded through a Kickstarter campaign. Their timepieces are vintage – they look like they’re from the 1940s.

18.  Bell & Ross

The company was founded by two friends – Bruno Belamich and Carlos Rosillo. They produce durable watches worn by the Special Forces. Bell & Ross came into being in 1982 and even produces timepieces for astronauts.

19.  B.R.M

Bernard Richards Manufacture mainly focuses on items inspired by fast cars. They were founded in 2003 but have made quite the name for themselves. They are especially known to market themselves in the North West region of France.

20.  Dodane 1857

The company was founded in 1857 and is family-owned. Everything they produce is inspired by flying. Dodane 1857 is so good at what it does that it provides aviation pieces to the NATO Air Force.

21.  Fugue

The company is very new – it only came into being in 2017. Fugue offers modular timepieces. You will be mixing and matching parts, producing very customizable watches. They are all mechanical and make use of Swiss movements.

22.  Merci

You’ve probably heard of Merci before – it started as a home good supplier, selling clothes and everyday items. The brand decided to dabble in the watch world, producing the LMM-01. Their timepieces are notably simple. What else is notable is the fact that French President Emmanuel Macron was seen rocking the LMM-01 multiple times.

23.  Pequignet

Pequignet is a luxury French watchmaker. They are known for their in-house movement – the Calibre Royal. The movement is infamous in the watch world as it’s so intricate.

24.  Dietrich

Dietrich’s watches are strange – they look like something from outer space. The company entered the game in 2009 and creates unique watches that are hexagonal-shaped. Their dials are intricate too, having multiple layers. No surprise, their pieces are really expensive.

25.  Boucheron

The company was founded in 1893 by Frederick Boucheron. It is family-owned and a major name in the jewelry game. Their watches cost an arm and a leg and look expensive. Some of the brand’s jewelry has been worn by Queen Elizabeth II.

26.  Cartier

From the French brands, Cartier is arguably the most famous. Their products are the epitome of sophistication and luxury. They came into being 1847 by Lois-Francois Cartier. The most famous Cartier watch around is The Tank – if you’re a watch enthusiast, you’ve probably heard of it.

Swiss Watch Brands

27.  Blancpan

Blancpan is the oldest watch company in the world. Its history stretches back to the 18th century.  The brand is known for creating the Fifty Five fathoms, one of the world’s first dive watches.

28.  Omega

The Omega Sea Master and some of its other watches were worn by James Bond. The company produces luxury pieces, but they have a sporty look to them. Omega is regarded as Rolex’s biggest competitor.

29.  Rolex

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard of the company before. They produce some of the most expensive watches in the world. A lot of the time, they are so expensive due to the name you’re buying from.

30.  Piaget

Piaget was founded in the late 1800s. They started off producing pocket watches but are now known for ultra-thin Swiss pieces. Yes, their devices are very expensive.

31.  Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer has always been known for accurate timekeeping. They were so good at it that they provided watches for the Olympics multiple times, as well as their first ever stopwatch – the Mikrograph.

32.  Breitling

Breitling is a Swiss brand that focuses on aviation watches. The company was founded in 1882 when Leon Breitling decided to introduce more accurate watches to the market. There are many timers and chronographs in their product line.

33.  IWC

IWC was founded by an American. They are a company that focuses on Swiss timepieces from the East of the country. Other than this, they are known for their aviation units.

34.  Van Cleef & Arpels

Van Cleef & Arpels is a jewelry company. They produce some of the most intricate watches you’ll see; they look like works of art. As they are a Swiss brand, their horology is high-quality, but they are not known for this aspect.

35.  Franck Mueller

The company is another one of the more expensive watch brands we’ve discussed. They’ve created countless timepieces for celebrities. Their slogan is “master of complications” as they are so intricate. Many of their units are inspired by those from the 1930s.

36.  Baume & Mercier

Baume & Mercier, also known as Baume et Mercier, is an acclaimed name. They have won multiple awards, including the “Poinçon de Genève” for the quality of their products. The company is not as well-known as counterparts like Rolex, but they produce watches that are just as great.

37.  Jaeger- LeCoultre

Jaeger-LeCoultre has supplied major names like Patek Phillipe and Audemars Piguet with mechanisms. One of the brand’s biggest accomplishments is the Atmos clock. It uses temperature to tick, which is an accomplishment their competitors still haven’t grasped.

38.  Vacheron Constantin

Vacheron Constantin is one of the oldest watchmakers in the world. It has the longest continuous history. Countless members of European royalty have worn Vacheron timepieces. Along with Audemars Piguet and Patek Phillipe, the three are known as “The Holy Trinity” of Swiss brands.

39.  Audemars Piguet

Many of Audemar’s pieces are contemporary. They are a family-owned company, so creative freedom is high. They are famous for their superb, high-quality luxury watches. It’s unfortunate that in the 1970s, they almost shut down.

40.  Patek Phillipe

Some of the world’s most expensive watches have been produced by Patek Phillipe. Although Rolex is the most famous, Patek is the best Swiss watchmaker. Queen Victoria herself was a fan of their products.

41. Lucien Piccard

They are Swiss, but they were founded by an American in 1923. Until the 1970s, Lucein Piccard was one of the few that was using crystals, diamonds and other precious gems. They were also known for their hand-made watches.

They sadly went bankrupt in 2010. Currently, they are owned by the Swiss Watch International Group. Under the new leadership, they don’t make traditional hand-crafted pieces anymore.

42. Victorinox

Victorinox makes durable timepieces. Although they’re a major name in the watch game, they are also known for their Swiss-knives. The company’s timepieces are best described as affordable luxury.

43. Frederique constant

Frederique Constant is fairly new. They were only established in 1988. Frederique Constant is another brand that offers affordable luxury. Unlike Victorinox, however, they produce more elegant watches.

44. Dwiss

Dwiss watches don’t look like traditional Swiss ones. The brand deviates from what you regularly see from the region, using new materials and designs. Their products are all high-quality and hand-made, though.

45. Davosa

The watchmaker mostly makes mechanical and diving watches. Their pieces are more affordable than rivals’. Davosa has been around since 1883.

46. Rotary

Rotary was founded in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, in 1895. Their timepieces became very popular in Britain. By 1940, they were the official watch supplier to the British Army.

The manufacturer is a member of the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry FH. However, their headquarter is in the UK.

Rotary offers diverse collections, with more expensive units manufactured in Switzerland, with less expensive options being Japanese or Chinese made.

47. Mathey Tissot

Mathey Tissot has been around since 1886 – they produce entry level Swiss watches. The King of Rock n’ Roll Himself, Elvis Presley, was a fan. He owned more than 50 personalized Mathey Tissots.

48. Tissot

No, Mathey Tissot and Tissot aren’t sister companies. You’re looking at another brand that offers affordable luxury. They were established in 1853 but were bought by the Swatch group in 1998.

They are known for their innovative timepieces. Just take a look at their WoodWatch and RockWatch.

49. OW

Ollech & Wajs is a Zurich based watchmaker. Their collections consist of old-school looking units. OW prides themselves on the quality of their mechanical watches. Also, they were founded in 1956.

50. Invicta

Do you want timepieces that look more expensive than they are? You’d go for an Invicta watch. Many of the brand’s units rock elaborate gold cases with eye-catching designs.

The company was established in 1837, so you’d expect them to have a following. The thing is, watch enthusiasts aren’t their biggest fans. A common complaint is that their quality isn’t good. 

German Watch Brands

51.  Stowa

This watch company created watches for Luftwaffe pilots in the Second World War. Their watches still revolve around aviation. Something unique about the brand is that they let you customize pieces.

52.  Junghaans

If you want an uber minimalistic watch, pay Junghaans some attention. They are famous for their Bauhaus inspired pieces. Although the company is known for its minimalism, they produce other watch types too. Junghaans has produced some great watches inspired by 1930s motor cars.

53.  Sinn

Sinn was founded by Helmut Sinn. He wasn’t very happy with the watches available for pilots. Nowadays, Sinn is known for diving watches as well as pilot ones. The German police force’s marine unit wears its products.

54.  Nomos

Nomos is fairly new to the game. However, it goes head-to-head with more acclaimed German brands. One of the best things about it is that it produces its own movements. This allows for high-quality devices.

55.  MeisterSinger

MeisterSinger watches look peculiar. They’re inspired by barometers and don’t come with any flashy features. They are an acclaimed company as they have been awarded the Red Dot Design award for their work.

56.  Chronoswiss

Although they appear to be Swiss, Chronoswiss is actually German. They were founded in Munich in the 1980s. Their watches are marked as “Swiss made”, mainly as their parts come from Switzerland. The brand also relocated its headquarters to the country in 2012.

57.  Laco

Laco claims to have produced the country’s first pilot watch. The brand does produce all kinds of watches – they are super durable. The company has quite a long history as it came into being in the 1920s. They do aviation pieces the best.

58.  Habring

Technically Austrian, they are included in almost all German watch lists. The company was founded by a husband and wife duo who had experience working in the watch industry and being a part of IWC’s team. Habring watches are intricate, yet lack complexity – this makes them eye-catching.

59.  Muhle Glashutte

Glashutte is the timekeeping capital of Germany. The brand, like many, is from the region. They create high-quality dive watches but produce other types too.

60.  A. Lange & Sohn

When it comes to German brands, A. Lange & Sohn is the most famous. They are well-known for the appearance of their watches. The brand is legendary to watch enthusiasts.

61. Junkers

Junkers was founded in 1895, by Hugo Junker. They are an independently run company. Hugo’s family still runs the business, and you would be able to buy minimalistic aviation pieces from them.

62. Circula

The Pforzheim-based Huber family runs Circula. They first bought and sold watches but then decided to manufacturer their own. Thus, the Circula watch brand was born in 1955.

American Watch Brands

63. Bertucci

Are you interested in quality field watches? Bertucci is just the brand for you. They came into being in 2004. They’ve been critically acclaimed for how durable their units are.

64. August Steiner

You’re looking at a manufacturer that specializes in fashion watches. They are based in Brooklyn, New York. There is nothing much to say about them, other than that their watches look good and come in a variety of styles.

65. MVMT

MVMT doesn’t just sell fashion watches but other accessories too. They are well known for their sunglasses. The movement in their timepieces is quartz.

66. EMG

EMG is unique when compared to rivals. They were founded recently by two members of the popular forum, WatchUSeek. You won’t find a large product selection. But the few they have released are high-quality.

67. Skagen

Skagen was founded in 1989, and they make some of the most minimalistic watches we have ever seen. The best way to describe them is sleek elegance.

Most people think Skagen is Danish, but this isn’t true. They are based in the US. It’s just that their founders are from Denmark.

68. Ingersoll

The Chinese company, the Herald Group currently owns them. Ingersoll is American in origin, though.  

The watchmaker was founded in the 1800s. They’ve been around for a long time, but they’re not as famous as rivals.

If you’re a watch enthusiast, you’d know that the infamous dollar watch was one of their products.

69. DaLuca

DaLuca stands out from the other names on the list, as they’re not a watch company. They were founded in 2009 and are known for their quality straps. They started off hand-crafting straps only for Panerai pieces, but they now make bands for almost any timepiece you can imagine.

70. NTH

Are you a fan of classic looking watches? You’ll love NTH. Their name stands for Nod to History, so it’s not surprising to see vintage looking pieces in their collections. When buying from NTH, you’d be getting quality products at fair prices.

a chronograph watch

American Watch Brands

71.  Timex

Timex has been around for more than a century. They produced the Timex Ironman – the world’s first sports watch. The watchmaker designs simple and affordable pieces. They are an American brand, but their watches are made all over the world.

72.  Bulova

The company produces high-quality watches. Bulova is currently owned by Citizen but has been around for a while. They boast an almost 150-year-old history. Their watches are stunning. You can find great affordable Swiss watches from their Accu-Swiss collection.

73.  Throne

Throne entered the game in 2013. They started small, making watches out of an apartment. As the quality of their watches was so good, demand quickly grew. They are a name that’s becoming very popular in the American watch industry. 

74.  Martenero

Martenero is another brand that was formed recently. They came into being in 2014 with the help of crowdfunding. The company’s founder quit his job in real-estate to fulfill his watchmaking dream. Martenero’s watches are minimalistic and affordable.

75.  Shinola

The watchmaker is American, but many of their parts are sourced from Europe. Shinola is known as the Swiss Giant, Tissot’s biggest competitor. Shinola is Detroit-based and it helped the Detroit watch industry to revive.

76.  Weiss

Weiss is a more expensive American watch company. They produce field watches, using traditional techniques. Their items are made with great craftsmanship. They’re pretty new to the industry – they only entered it in 2013.

77.  RGM

If you’re looking for an American brand that makes great automatic watches, RGM is for you. They are older than most American names we discussed, being founded in 1992. RGM watches have a classic look to them.

78.  Brew Watch. Co

The company’s founder creates its watches at home. Johnathan Ferrer used to be an intern at Movado (more on them later). He claims that his watch company sells pieces inspired by “coffee and espresso machines”. Brew Watch. Co was founded in 2015 thanks to a kick-starter campaign.

79.  Kobold

Kobold watches are durable. They have even been worn on Mt. Everest. The brand’s products are classic-looking and not pricey.

80.  Hamilton

Although American in origin, Hamilton produces Swiss timepieces. The brand is old, being founded in 1892. Their pieces resemble “classic” American ones. Being Swiss-made, it isn’t a surprise that Hamilton watches are made with a great deal of craftsmanship.

81.  Vortic

Vortic’s watches are vintage-looking. They are pricey but a lot of craftsmanship goes into them. What’s great about the company is that it lets you convert old pocket watches into timepieces.

82.  Autodromo

Not many American brands design watches inspired by racing cars. You’ll notice that their watches look like dashboard gauges from the 60s. Thankfully, they are not gimmicky.

83.  Devon

Devon’s products are avant-garde and don’t even look like watches. They are as expensive as they look. Considering how unique they are, we think they’re worth it.

84.  Oak & Oscar

They produce Swiss watches that have classic American exteriors. Like a few of the American names discussed, Oak & Oscar is new to the game. Charles Fancher, the founder, left his job in the real estate world to follow his watchmaking dreams in 2015. The company is making a name for itself in the American watch world.

85.  Mercer Watch Co.

Mercer is a fan of cushion-cased pieces. They are rectangular with rounded edges, which are widely seen in their Concorde collection. The brand prides itself on always using premium materials. Their headquarters are also in New Jersey.

86.  Nixon

The brand entered the game in 1998. Nixon is known for its great-looking fashion pieces, but it has quite the selection. Quality is important to them. They have a few watches that are over $1000.

87.  Fossil

Fossil is a huge name in the fashion industry. They design everything, including watches. The company that owns them also owns Relic and Zodiac. Their watches won’t last very long, but they look amazing.

88.  Burei

If you want high-quality watches at an affordable price, Burei is for you. Its founders were college dropouts that were fed up with how bad affordable watches were. We’re happy to say that they’re one of our favourite entries on this list.

89.  Akribos

Akribos is a sister company to Sturhling. Sturhling is known for its great watches. Unfortunately, Akribos is not. If you want a company that focuses on looks over quality, maybe give them some attention?

90.  Stuhrling

Stuhrling produces high-quality timepieces. They entered the game in 1999. They are one of the more famous American brands out there, yet produce affordable items.

91. Heritor

Heritor offers a choice of budget friendly automatic and mechanical watches. Part of US fashion watchmaker ResultCo, this 21st century brand provides innovation and first rate precision alongside top quality design. Its special movements are utilized by a unique spring powered by the wearers wrist. Featuring a unique enamel design, Heritor's latest models are encapsulated in the Montclair and Aura collection.

92. Jack Mason

Located in Texas, Jack Mason is a relative newcomer to the watchmaking sector. Since 2016, this all-American company has gone from strength to strength providing modern styles, sleek design and a contemporary edge. With a dash of American vintage, their quality chronographs and other timepieces are suitable for all manner of wallets. Featuring Aviator and Nautical collections, watch connoisseurs can benefit from a large selection of top grade watches oozing class and sophistication.

Canadian Watch Brands

93.  Momentum

The St Moritz Watch Corp created the Momentum brand in 1980. They produce sports watches that are super high-quality and handmade in Vancouver. They are also known to be expertly waterproof. The brand’s designs are simple - they are perfect for the most active individuals.

94.  Solios

Solios timepieces are sustainable. They were the first watch manufacturer to apply for the B-corp certification. If you’re someone who loves nature, working with them is perfect – with each watch sold, they pledge support to an acre of rainforest. Their watches are beautiful but what’s impressive is the recycled, handmade boxes they come in.

95.  Ferro & Company

The company was founded in 2014 by brothers Bob and Ary Shahbakshi. Their main goal was to produce luxury timepieces on a budget. Their watches are widely vintage and are inspired by airplanes and cars. As they produce high-quality pieces on a budget, they quickly became popular in the country.

96.  Tense Watches

Tense Watches are made from high-grade wood. The owner of the brand, Ken P. Lau worked as a clock designer in 1957, using mostly wood and stone in his work. He formed his company in 1971 – they’re renowned as pioneers in the wooden watch industry.

97.  Marathon Watch Company

They came into being in 1904. They are a well-known company as the fourth generation of the Wein family has been overseeing them. Since 1941, Marathon produced timepieces for the Allied Forces. Their MIL-SPEC pieces are especially popular among the Special Forces and Navy SEALs. The brand designs other items too – they make temperature and distance instruments.

98.  Whytes Watches

The company was founded by two British friends who were watch enthusiasts. Having learned as much about watchmaking as possible, they moved to Canada to start their watch business. Whytes timepieces are all about precision and craftsmanship.

99.  Medium

We don’t know much about the brand – they have very little information online. But we know that style is very important to them. They want to be the “medium” that separates different people and fields. This is great as you can design your own watches. What’s even better is that their straps are interchangeable.

100.  Konnifer

Konnifer makes wooden watches. The brand was founded in 2013, and its founder, Max Konnifer’s family were forest workers. They not only produce wooden watches but other accessories too. They are known to use all kinds of wood. What’s notable is that the brand uses Japanese watch movements from Citizen.

101.  Novo Watch

Not many companies tell stories with their timepieces. This is exactly what Novo does – they let the culture and history of the materials used come through. The watch company came into being in 2011, and you can send materials to them for custom designs.

102.  Archer Watches

You’re looking at a micro-brand. They are located in St. Thomas, Ontario and make a variety of different watches. There’s not much information about them, however.

Japanese Watch Brands

103.  Seiko

Seiko is known for its affordable pieces. A lot of them are automatic and are Japanese staples. Many regard their watches as well-built, even though they don’t break the bank.

104.  Citizen

Citizen is probably Seiko’s biggest competitor. They are also known for affordable, quality pieces. An advantage of buying Citizen watches is that most of its pieces are solar-powered.

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105.  Grand Seiko

Previously owned by Seiko, the brand focuses on luxury watches. They are very expensive and cost as much as Rolexes. Grand Seiko is one of the few Japanese luxury manufacturers that can go head-to-head with Swiss ones.

106.  Casio

Casio is known for retro-looking, resin digital watches. However, they have recently been releasing exciting new designs. The company produces all kinds of affordable pieces – they are one of Japan’s leading tech companies.

107.  G-Shock

Owned by Casio, the watch company produces ultra-durable watches that come with features that help in the wilderness. Many G-shocks are Navy SEAL approved.

108.  Orient

Orient is owned by Seiko. However, they produce more intricate, classic pieces. The brand is known for its quality. Some of their dress watches are pricey.

109.  Knot

You don’t have to look hard at Knot’s pieces to figure out that they’re minimalistic. The manufacturer is new to the game, yet produces affordable, quality products. What’s great about them is that they let customers put together their own watches.

110.  Frank Miura

Yes, the name sounds familiar – it sounds a lot like Franck Mueller, the Swiss luxury brand. Frank Miura is a Japanese watch company that focuses on paying homage to them. They not only do they do a spot-on job, but offer near-identical pieces for a fraction of the price.

111.  Minase 

Minase is one of Japan’s top luxury watch manufacturers. Their products are produced in limited quantities and cost an arm and a leg. Unfortunately, it’s hard to pick up a Minase watch outside the country.

black gshock watch

Finnish Watch Brands

112.  Aarni Watches

You’re looking at another brand that produces wooden pieces. They take their work very seriously. Their name means “an untamed forest untouched by man” in Finnish. Aarni was founded by three friends who wanted to put nature first – their site recognizes that tones of plastic make it to the ocean, and they don’t want to be a part of the problem. The wood they use is certified and they use it for all sorts of devices, not just watches.

113.  Suunto

If you’re someone who spends a lot of time out in the wild, consider a Suunto watch. They’re durable and come with features to make hiking easier. They are known for their smartwatches – they are full of expert GPS capabilities.

114.  DeMotu

The brand produces aviation pieces. What’s noteworthy is that everything they produce is made at Helsinki-Malmi airport. Their watches are tried by test-pilots. The first watch they made was the DMG-11. It’s said to be the first wristwatch that could measure G-force while flying.

115.  Sarpaneva

The watch company was founded by Stepan Sarpaneva, who was a designer at Piaget and other Swiss watch brands. The brand’s timepieces “are for special people”, says its founder. They are mechanical and have designs that you don’t see that often. Their moon phase series brought them a lot of attention.

116.  S.U.F Helsinki

S.U.F Helsinki produces watches that are very Finnish, and they are proud of this. Everything is manufactured in Helsinki, as their name suggests. Along with Sarpaneva, Stephan Sarpaneva owns S.U.F Helsinki too. But its watches are cheaper. There are 4 collections under their belt and they include a couple of limited-edition pieces.

117.  Leijona

Leijona has been around since 1910. They are easily the most popular Finnish watch brand around. They produce very affordable units. There is a lion as their logo – it intrigues buyers as you don’t always see such a detailed lion on watch emblems– “Leijona” in Finnish is the animal’s name.

Russian Watch Brands

118.  Poljot

The brand was first known as the Moscow Watch Factory. They became Poljot in 1961. They are the official supplier of timepieces to the Russian Military and Intelligence Units. Their pieces are so durable that they were worn to the moon. The Poljot Ocean 3133 was on Alexi Leonov’s wrist when he did the first-ever “spacewalk”.

119.  Vostok

The manufacturer’s name means “east” in Russian – they are located in Tatarstan. Vostok produces super durable timepieces and great diving pieces. They officially came into being in 1960 and became the Soviet Union Defense Department’s official supplier by 1965.

120.  Sturmanskie

They are another company that had one of their watches worn in space. The Sturmanskie Vostok-1 was worn by Yuri Alekseyevich. It was the first brand to produce a timepiece that could withstand zero-gravity and the other hardships that cosmonauts face. Their devices are long-lasting and made with a lot of craftsmanship – everything is meticulously hand-made.

121.  Raketa

Raketa is the oldest watch manufacturer in Russia. They are also one of the oldest in the world – they were founded in 1721. By 1830, they were producing some of the world’s most luxurious timepieces. They didn’t go by the name Raketa until 1961. This was to celebrate Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space. As you can imagine, their timepieces are super durable. They are especially favoured amongst polar explorers.

122.  Luch

They are technically not a Russian brand now, since Minsk is not a part of Russia anymore. Their devices are super durable, like watches from other Russian brands. They care a lot about aesthetics, and even produce aviator pieces. They produce more “marketable” Russian watches and have diversified their collections.

Chinese Watch Brands

123. Benyar

Benyar is a Chinese watch brand. They were founded in 2012, and they make timepieces that are well-priced. You can expect quality sports watches from them.

124. Mobvoi

Mobvoi is known for the TicWatch. The company doesn’t just produce smartwatches but a range of other devices as well. This includes earphones and charging docks.

125. Megir

With 25 years of expertise, Megir are a Chinese watch brand offering an expansive range of models. Utilizing precise quartz movements, their timepieces are brimming with numerous components such as date markers, chronographs and a range of colors and styles. Built to last, these affordable yet quality watches don’t compromise on design. There are numerous choices available ranging from business watches and ladies watches to sport, automatic and even racing car timepieces. 

Swedish Watch Brands

126. Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington focuses on minimalism. Filip Tysander, the founder of the company, said that his watches are inspired by a very stylish traveler he met in Australia - Daniel Wellington.

127. Glycine

Since 1914, Glycine has produced a diverse range of multi-functional, chronometer, tool and dive watches. Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers, they have led the way in delivering world time measurements. Originally created for pilots, the pioneering Airman collection is the cornerstone of this Swiss brand. The Altus line includes a broad selection of sophisticated dress watches while the Combat collection boasts an exciting array of diving watches with water resistance up to 500 meters.

128. Carl F. Bucherer

With more than 125 years of experience, Carl F. Bucherer is the only luxury Swiss watch brand based in Lucerne. Quality, luxury, heritage, style, precious jewels and the finest watchmaking make this a standout brand. Grand complications feature throughout the Manero, Adamavi, Patravi, Pathos and Alacria collections. Easy on the eye, these timepieces have adorned many famous wrists including Hollywood A Listers such as Sylvester Stallone.

Final Thoughts

So, what did you think about our best watch brands list? We focused on about 100, but there are plenty more out there. Who knows, we might expand our watch brand rankings in the future?

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