The John Wick Watch - What On Earth Did He Wear?

The franchise follows John’s escapades. In the first movie, we’re shown his backstory and how dangerous he really is. It followed him seeking revenge on the bloodthirsty Russian Mafia that he once worked for as they try and assassinate him. 

The second movie from followed John and his adventures in Italy’s crime scene, while the third and final movie focused on John having a price on his head after killing a member of the international assassin’s guild. 

In each movie, something that stayed the same was John’s watch. This is why there are so many articles, guides, and videos on what exactly he wore. 

Not that we’re trying to be unoriginal, but we’ll be looking at the John Wick watch as well. So read ahead if you want to learn more.

So What Does He Wear?

John Wick is a man of class which is why he wears the Manero AutoDate, from Carls F. Bucherer. Carls F Bucherer is a high-end brand in the watch world which is why you’ll have to pay an arm and a leg for their pieces. 

Arguably, what has drawn everyone into the watch is how John Wick wears it. He places its dial towards the inside of his wrist. Although strange, it’s quite smart considering the man is always getting into fights. If the watch was placed normally, it would’ve got bashed into a billion pieces, don’t you think? 

With that out of the way, let’s look into its specs: 

The watch has a Sapphire display. After all, it’s incredibly expensive, so this is expected. The sapphire makes the Manero durable as its display can take quite a beating. (This doesn’t mean it can withstand John Wick’s escapades though). 

As he’s always on the move, the Manero’s anti-glare display is perfect. 

What’s more:

The watch oozes luxury. It comes with an Alligator strap. The strap comes in a range of colours, but we see John rocking the black version. 

The Manero is a Swiss Automatic watch. Considering his lifestyle, this is the best watch he could own as it takes care of itself. He’s always on the move, so its 42-hour power reserve won’t be much use to him. That being said, a 42-hour power reserve is pretty useful, at least to the everyday user. 

He doesn’t have to worry about his time being inaccurate as the Manero comes with 25 jewels. This keeps its gear moving smoothly. 

His watch comes with a degree of water resistance. Unfortunately, it isn’t the most water-resistant watch out there as it can only withstand 100 feet (30 m) of depth. 

And best of all, the Manero Autodate is dainty. Its case is only 1.49 inches (38 mm) across. 

Manero AutoDate


John Wick’s watch is great, but you may not have $6000 lying around. Don’t fret as we’ll be going through cheaper alternatives on the market. 


The PRESAGE is an automatic watch as well. It comes with 23 jewels instead of John Wick’s 25. 

That being said, it has an almost equal power reserve of 41 hours

It comes with a strap that looks identical to the Manero. The only difference is that the PRESAGE’s is not made from alligator skin. 

The display looks the same as well. They’re both very classic looking with sleek and chic lines that replace Arabic numerals. 

Of course, we have to talk about the elephant in the room, which is the PRESAGE’s blueish hue. Other than this, both the watches look alike. 

Orient '2nd Gen Bambino Version I

We believe this is the watch that looks the most like John Wick’s. In fact, if you didn’t know any better, you could be fooled by the Orient Bambino. 

It has a strap that looks strikingly like Alligator skin. What's even better is that the Bambino has a black strap similar to John Wick’s watch. 

The Bambino is water-resistant. Although it’s not impressive at 100 feet (30 m), we’re not complaining since the Manero is only water-resistant up to this depth as well. 

It has a somewhat small case too. However, it’s larger than Manero’s by 0.007 inches (2 mm). 

Of course, it doesn’t have a sapphire display, instead, it’s mineral. 

If you’re wondering, the Orient Bambino is an automatic watch. Unfortunately, it only comes with a 40-hour power reserve but we aren’t complaining since it’s about $5500 dollars cheaper than the Manero Autodate. 

Orient '2nd Gen Bambino Version III

Like the Bambino Version I, the Version III looks identical to John Wick’s Manero. 

It has a minimalistic dial. Its display is grey, having chic, rectangular markings that replace Arabic numerals. 

Although it is an automatic watch like the Manero Autodate, it’s isn’t Swiss Automatic. Instead, it’s Japanese. 

Like the Bambino Version I, Version III has a somewhat small case. It’s only 0.007 inches (40 mm), after all. 

It’s water-resistant at 100 feet (30 m)

Frankly, Version III and I are models that are pretty much the same. The only difference is their price tag. 


John Wick is an incredible trilogy, which is well-loved around the world. The watch he wears is equally as good. 

If you ever thought what watch does John Wick wear, you now know. 

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