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Jack Mason is a Texan brand not many people know of. They’re missing out on some great quality watches. You're probably not aware of how new they are - they were only founded in 2015.

Jack Mason's team has been in the industry for a while. Together, they have over 50 years of experience. They're masters at their craft, which is how they create sophisticated pieces that do not break the bank.

If you’re interested in the Jack Mason brand, know that they offer a variety of collections. Each have timepieces specific for niches. This includes their aviation, field, racing, diving, heritage and nautical lines. Let's see how they fair in the watch industry.

jack mason watch review

Jack Mason - The Watches

The Aviation Collection

The company's aviation line has watch designs that are retro. They’re reminiscent of pilot watches from decades ago.

Chronograph Watch A102-107

The timepiece comes with a 1.65 inch (42 mm) case. In terms of how easy it is to read, it comes with a luminous dial. Swiss Super Luminova is in place. It is the Swiss equivalent of Seiko's LumiBrite.

For a such an affordable watch, we didn't expect it to feel so luxurious. Its strap is leather. The real cherry on top is the fact that it is Italian. Although great, don't get it wet. The material is horrible at being water-proof.

We would've loved it if its window was sapphire, but you don't always get what you want.

The A102-107 is a Japanese Quartz. The Miyota OS10 movement is inside of it. Quartz watches are common in pilot watches as they're reliable and accurate.

It can handle quite the dip. Its water resistance rating is 330 feet (100m). As its dial comes with Super Luminova, you'll have no issue reading it underwater.

The watch comes with three chronograph sub-dials. They read the hours, minutes and seconds passed. You might be wondering what the feature even is. It's basically a stopwatch.

Jack Mason Chronograph Watch

The Diving Collection

This series focuses on models for scuba-diving. It’s one of the brand’s most successful lines.

Diving Watch D101-002

We just had to pick the JM-D101-002 to represent the watch collection - the watchmaking company paid homage to the Rolex Submariner well.

It has a 1.65 inch (42 mm) case size. It is shiny as it's made from quality stainless steel. The metal is all over its body.

Just like the real Submariner, you're getting a sapphire crystal. If you didn't know, the glass is the toughest out there. You normally don't see it in watches its price range.

The jack mason diver watch can last up to 1000 feet (300m) underwater. Its bezel rotates. Why would you want this? Because it acts as a timer. There are shark-like teeth on it. This not only helps you grip it but is a nod to its Rolex counterpart.

Just like the entry above, you're getting lume all over its dial. Yes, Swiss Super Luminova is on its indices.

The 3H SS Navy has a regal aesthetic due to its crown. They literally made it crown-like. Yes, it's screwed down, so water will never get inside.

 It is a Japanese Quartz. The name of its mechanism is Miyota 2315.

The Nautical Collection

The devices in the selection are very good-looking. They are made for the seas, yet their price point is not that bad.

Nautical Watch N102-026

The N102 is the best-looking on our list. Its rose gold body compliments the deep brown of its leather strap. Speaking of its strap, it is Italian.

Its case is polished. The rose gold on it wasn't painted but was plated on.

There are 2 sub-dials on its front. They make its dial pop as they're a sharp blue. They host its chronographs. You'll see them counting the seconds, minutes and hour passed. The giant pushers near its crown work them.

This Jack Mason model is water-resistant. It can handle depths of 330 feet (100m). Hopefully, you remember what we said about getting leather wet. Its dial is full of Super Luminova, so visibility in dim-settings will be great.

It is Japanese quartz. You're getting the ultra-accurate Miyota OS20 movement.

Something cool about the N102 is its face. It looks like a ship's pressure gauge. But we're disappointed that its window is mineral crystal.

The Heritage Collection

According to Jack Mason, the line shows the world who they truly are.

Heritage Watch H103-003

The JM-H103-003 has a sapphire window. As it's not that expensive, we're happy to see it.

Compared to the others just discussed, it is on the smaller side. It has a 1.57 inches (40 mm) stainless steel case. It'll definitely fit snug on your wrist.

The H103 is automatic. Spoiler alert - it's the only automatic watch on our list. It's mechanism is the Miyota 820A movement. Automatic watches are filled with gears, which is why we love that its case back is exposed. Seeing them move is neat.

Although small, it's not that light. It has a 6.4 ounce (181.4 gram) body. The heftier a watch is, the more premium it'll feel. The device especially feels premium as the steel on it is surgical grade.

Its silver and blue body is classy. You unfortunately don't get that much lume on it.

Like its brothers, it can handle good depths underwater. It's resistant up to 330 feet (100m).

Its date window reads the day as well as the date. It's the only entry so far to do this.

The Racing Collection

You don't have to look too close to notice that products from the line have elements inspired by motor vehicles.

Racing Watch R402-007

Its display is like the speedometer in sports cars. This was accomplished by the placement and design of its sub-dials. The watch hands look like a speedometer's too.

Around its bezel, you’ll see a tachymeter. If you weren't aware, tachymeters read the distance between objects. The R402-007 was inspired by auto-motives, so this is very fitting.

Not only does it come with a tachymeter, but also a chronograph. They are the dials placed on the left and right. The two unfortunately only read the minutes and hours passed.

The item is small. Like the H103-003 , its case is 1.57 inches (40 mm). If you have bigger wrists, it might look awkward on you.

It’s another one of jack mason's many quartz watches. You may be wondering what type of quartz movement it has. It comes with the Miyota OS21 mechanism.

With your purchase, you're getting a superb leather band. There's only mineral on its front, though.

It is water-resistant. It can handle 330 feet (100m) underwater.

The Field Collection

The watch type was made for military men. It was created to read very accurate time.

Jack Mason Field F111-003

It’s no surprise that the Jack Mason F111 comes with a compass. When in the wilderness, such a feature is useful. Its placement and design are good-looking too.

The Arabic markings on its face are huge. If it's dark out, you won't be straining your eyes trying to read them. You'd notice that its face is wide. This makes it easier to read.

It is a classic-looking device. It has a timber-hued leather strap and a large navy blue front. Yes, the leather is Italian. Field watches traditionally have nylon straps. The material doesn't look good, nor is it very comfortable - we're glad that it's not present.

The F111-003 is a Japanese quartz. This is good as quartz watches are more reliable than their mechanical counterparts. They have less parts. In terms of the mechanism present, it comes with the VL57A movement.

It comes with a tough window. The device is also resistant up to 330 feet (100m)

It is not that heavy. As you know, the more heft a watch has, the more premium it'll feel. Its weight is almost 2 ounces (56.6 grams). This is what you want, though. Light watches are the best for the outdoors.


The above information shined some light on what the watchmaker offers. The below points will answer a couple of questions you may have.

Why Should You Buy A Jack Mason Device?


You don't need me to tell you that watches are intricate. A myriad of things can go wrong with them. It's great that you get a lifetime warranty when you buy from Jack Mason. The corporation says that even the slightest manufacturing defects are covered.

Water Resistance

They want you to have timepieces that can handle a range of settings. All the entries on our list came with considerable water resistance ratings. Their diving pieces have specs that give other brands a run for their money.

Premium Movements

According to the corporation, they get their mechanisms from the best manufacturers. We have no reason to doubt them as the Jack Mason watch quality is high.

Interchangeable Straps 

A lot of their pieces have straps that can be swapped out. This gives you the ability to wear a timepiece and have it look completely different from when you first bought it.

Great Price

Their price point is affordable, yet they have superb pieces. Watch enthusiasts love them for this. We especially love that they don't cost an arm and a leg but come in many styles.

How Do You Save Cash When Buying Jack Mason Watches?

Jack Mason is an affordable name. Although their products aren’t expensive, you can get them for even cheaper if you want to - sales are your best friend.

Their items are widely sold at Bloomingdale. Luxury items are sold there, but the store is a fan of discounts.

Where Are Their Watches Made?

Good question - we have no idea. From the quality and build of their devices, we'd say Japan. After all, much of their mechanisms are from the nation.

How Do You Change Their Batteries?

To change a battery, you need to know the type of case used. Jack Mason uses a variety of them, so this is hard to pin-point.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, Jack masons watches are packed with features and details. They are also made from great materials, yet their price tag is very competitive for the market. The watch brand offers a variety of watch collections to choose from. A choice we love is their dive line. Although new, the Texas based company has a growing presence. Definitely work with them if you want a product that was made with attention to detail.

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