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A Heritor Watch Review

A Gem Of A Brand You Need In Your Life
[2020 Update]

If anyone’s ever asked you about a Heritor watch, you’ve probably wondered what they were talking about. After all, Heritor’s a new brand that few people know about. This doesn’t mean their watches aren’t great. 

In fact, they have some pretty good stuff and the manufacturer is an undiscovered gem. We’ll be running through everything you need to know about the brand, including an extensive Heritor watch review. So, read ahead.

Heritor – At A Glance

“From one generation to another”, is Heritor’s motto. Not only is it catchy, but it’s also pretty understandable that Heritor wants their watches to last for generations. As watch owners, who wouldn’t want this?

They’re an American brand, and a product of Resultco. If you’re not aware, Resultco is a well-established manufacturer. They have 17 different brands under their name, so, they know what they’re doing.

Although the watches are all American, the parts are sourced from all over the world. In the end, high-quality automatic watches are assembled. Yes, they only make automatic watches. You’ll never see a quartz watch in their collections.

Speaking of collections, there’s a lot of them. Heritor has over 40 so you’re spoilt in terms of choice. As there are so many Heritor watches out there, something that ties them all together is inspiration from the past. There are elements in each watch that has something to do with history.

Now you may have a pretty good idea of the brand. Next, we’ll dive into the best watches they’ve put out.

Heritor Watches - A Review

Heritor Sanford HERHR8300

The Sanford is a semi-skeleton watch. With one look at it, you’ll see the absence of Arabic numerals. 

There are Roman numerals but they’re scarce. There’s only an XII and VI placed in their respective positions ( 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock). This makes for a very aesthetic design as everything is minimalistic, so the gears in the middle of the dial have the most attention. We’re a fan of this. 

If you flip its 3L6L surgical steel case , you’ll see an exposed back. If you’re ever bored, flipping it and watching its gears move is always fun. 

There’s an outer ring near the bezel. Lines marking the minutes passed are present, so reading the time isn’t impossible. 

Not only does it look premium, it feels that way too. Its strap is genuine leather. 

Its display is the best of the best. It’s made from sapphire coated mineral so it can take quite a beating. Like the rest of the watches on our list, the Sanford is an automatic watch. 

Heritor doesn’t make it clear what type of automatic mechanism is in the watch, but it has a 36-hour power reserve. This is enough time to have the watch off your wrist. 

Its gears come with jewels, like any good automatic watch. There are 20 of them so its movement is crisp. 

The Sanford is water-resistant. That being said, it’s not the most water-resistant watch out there as you can only take it up to 165 feet (50 m) underwater. 

The fact that its hands are luminous is appreciated. You know how hard it is to read the time when it’s dark, so this really helps.

Heritor Ryder HERHR4604

The Ryder is easily the best-looking watch on our list. Although the Sanford looks great, the Ryder easily takes the cake.

It’s a full skeleton watch so its display is eye-catching. It has a jet black dial, gold case and silver gears that is a color combination made in heaven. The colors make the watch look like a Victorian masterpiece, after all. The purple jewel in the gears adds a pop of color which makes the watch look more premium.

Let’s talk a little about its case. It isn’t painted gold. It’s gold brushed so the Ryder went all out. And its case is 3L6L stainless steel, so scratching it is hard. If you’re wondering, it is 1.73 inches (44 mm) in diameter so the watch is certainly not for smaller wrists.

Let’s talk about its display again:

There are no numerals, Arabic or Roman. There’s only a ring around the edge of the dial that marks the minutes passed.
It has a 40-hour power reserve which is even more impressive than the Sanford’s. It comes with more jewels too. There’s 22 of them so its gears are smooth.

The Ryder is pretty durable. It has a sapphire coated display so it’s very hard to crack. For added comfort, a genuine leather strap is present. Unfortunately, we don’t know if it’s Italian or not.

The watch is water-resistant though not very much so. It can last up to 165 feet (50 m) underwater.

The fact that it has super luminova on its hands is appreciated as its one of the brightest lumes out there.

Heritor Lucius HR7800

The Lucius collection has some of the Heritor’s most classic-looking watches. They’re easy to read too as they come with large markings (instead of numerals). 

With a close look at the watch’s display, you’ll see etching on its dial. This is due to the carbon fiber present. Carbon fiber dials don’t really have a purpose, but they look pretty great. In our opinion, it makes the watch look quite chic.

The Lucius is the most durable on our list. It’s water-resistant up to 660 feet (200 m). It’s also pretty functional as it has a calendar feature, helping you stay on top of your busy schedule. The date feature is pretty easy to read as it’s magnified so you don’t have to strain your eyes.

The watch’s hands and markings are luminous.

The Lucius comes with a genuine leather strap. And of course, its display is pretty tough as it’s sapphire coated.

Its stainless steel case isn’t big, but it’s certainly not for smaller wrists. The case is 1.61 inches (41 mm) across, so keep this in mind.

Although technically not a dive watch, it comes with a unidirectional bezel which is a nice add-on.

Like the Sanford, the Lucius comes with a 36-hour power reserve. The fact that its gears have 22 jewels in them is something you may like too.

Heritor Winston HERHR5201

The Winston is a huge watch. Its case stretches 1.77 inches (45 mm) across.

What’s more, its case has a fixed bezel that’s grooved. This design feature is something we can’t get enough of. Also, it adds an extra heft which makes the watch feel more premium than it actually is.

Its display has a lot of dials on it. There are 2 sub-dials, one for the date and the other for the day. Next to the two is an opening that lets you peek into the watch’s gears. The semi skeleton display is cool, but its exposed back is better.

Like a lot of the watches we went through, the Winston is water-resistant. This is only up to 165 feet (50 m) though.

The watch comes with a genuine leather strap. What makes its strap extra special is the fact that it’s crocodile embossed.

Being an automatic watch, you may be wondering how long its power reserve is. Well, it’s 42 hours so you’re in good hands.

What’s impressive is the number of jewels it has. There are 33 of them so you’ll never have an issue with its gears.

Its display is sapphire coated, but at this point, we’re not impressed as all of Heritor’s watches come with this.

Heritor Daniels HERHR7401

The Daniels is a pretty strange looking watch. We’ve never seen anything like it so we had to put it on our list. 

There are 3 rings or discs on its display. The outer one represents the hours passed, the middle one represents the minutes and the inner one represents the seconds. If you’ve never owned a watch like the Daniels, you’ll find it very hard to read. It took us a while to get used to it! 

What’s cool about its dial is its semi-skeleton display. You get a glimpse into the gears through the border between the outer and middle ring. 

Its case is pretty thick too. It meshes with the lugs, making the small dial look like it has large bezels bordering it. We couldn’t help but be reminded of smartphones in 2015-2016 (especially the iPhone 5S). 

The Daniels is water-resistant. It can last a considerable depth underwater as is resistant up to 330 feet (100 m)

If you’ve guessed it, the watch has a leather strap and a sapphire coated display. As it turns out, these are hallmarks of Heritor watches.

There are many versions of the 7401 with stainless steel (3L61) bracelets instead.

In terms of its automatic movement, the Daniels has 21 jewels and a 36-hour power reserve.

Things You Should Know

You can see why Heritor is a brand worth your time. In the below section, we will run through any questions you may have, so read ahead.

Why Should You Buy A Heritor Watch?

Heritor watches look great. The majority of the watches we reviewed were stunning. The icing on top is the fact they all have premium builds too. 

According to the brand, everything is thoroughly quality checked before being sent out. This limits negative experiences with the brand, which is something you’d be happy with.

Are They Any Downsides Of Working With Heritor?

If you want to buy one of their watches, that’s great, but there’s something you should know. Heritor sources their parts. Unlike Seiko, Timex and other rivals, they don’t make their components. 

What Type Of Automatic Movement Do They Use?

When it comes to automatic watches, people look for Swiss and Japanese movements. However, they aren’t the only type of automatic mechanisms out there. There is a third type, which Heritor uses. 

Heritor uses Chinese automatic movements. The thing is, Heritor hasn’t come out about this, but as watch enthusiasts, it’s pretty clear to us that they use Chinese mechanisms.

Does Heritor Offer Warranties?

Depending on the brand you’re working with, you’ll get a different type of warranty. When it comes to heritor, they offer customers a 2-year warranty for any watch. Although this isn’t the longest, their warranties are extensive.

Are There Limitations To Their Warranties?
Like any warranty, there are a few limitations. If you’ve ever misused your watch, Heritor would void your contract.

Does Heritor Offer Returns?

Yes! Heritor offers returns. If something you buy isn’t in the best condition, you can return it hassle-free during the first week of its arrival.

You may be wondering what would happen if you were to return a watch a week or two after. If it’s within the first 60 days of arrival, you can still return it. Heritor would inspect it more thoroughly and if there’s a fault with the watch, you’ll get a new one. Unlike returning it in the first week, you can’t get a different type of watch as a replacement.

How Many Collections Are There?

Frankly, their range is immense and outnumbers their competitors. To be exact, Heritor has 45 collections at their disposal.

The watches in a collection are basically the same watch but with different designs. 

If you fell in love with the brand after our review, there is good news. Their collections keep growing.

What’s more:

Each collection represents something. The Aura collection has watches that mimic the “beauty of stained glass’. Meanwhile, the Montclair collection seems to be inspired by speed boats.

Are They All Automatic?

When we said their watches were all automatic we weren’t joking. You’ll never find a Quartz watch in a Heritor collection. Although Heritor hasn’t made it clear why this is, it’s easy to answer. Quartz watches simply don’t go with the brand’s vision.
They want watches that can last generations. Automatic watches are hefty and can last the test of time.


We’ve established that Heritor is a brand not many people know about. This doesn’t mean you should be apprehensive about their watches as they’re good quality and look great too. They have plenty of collections for you to choose from, so you’ll always find something you like. 

That being said, if you’re a fan of Quartz watches, Heritor isn’t for you. 

We covered everything you need to know about this brand. If you found this review helpful leave us a comment!

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