A Heritor Watch Review - Look & Feel Rich

If anyone’s ever asked you about Heritor, you’ve probably wondered who on earth they were talking about. After all, the brand is fairly new to the game. They have affordable pieces that look like a million bucks. We've touched on everything you need to know about them below.

The Company – At A Glance

“From one generation to another”, is their motto. The manufacturer wants their pieces to last the test of time - we think they deliver.

They’re an American watchmaker, and are a product of Resultco. If you’re not aware, Resultco has 17 different companies under their name.

Heritor's timepieces contain parts from all over the world. This results in quality devices being produced. They only include mechanical and automatic ones. You’ll never see quartz watches in their line-up.

Speaking of lines, there’s a lot of them. The watch brand offers more than 40. Something that ties them together is history. Their designs are full of nods to the past. You'll see skeleton dials on many of them too.

classy heritor watch

Heritor Watches - A Review

01. Heritor Sanford HERHR8300

The timepiece has Roman numerals on its front. There’s only an XII and VI, though. We think they make it look expensive. The cut-outs showing its gears do the trick too.

The model comes with a high-quality steel body. The metal in place is surgical grade.

Not only is its watch face exposed, but so is its back. You're getting a skeleton rear.

It has a leather band, It's from Italy and feels great. It's pitch-black, complimenting its body.

The crystal it rocks is sapphire. It's real sapphire, not sapphire coated mineral. If you didn't know, the crystal is the toughest out there.

We unfortunately don't know the name of the automatic movement used. However, you're getting an impressive 36 hour power reserve. There are 20 jewels between its gears - they're not as noteworthy.

Like most Heritor pieces, it comes with water resistance. The HR8305 can handle 165 feet (50m) underwater. But if you've read our reviews, you'd know how much of a nuisance it is to get leather wet.

Its watch case is huge. It's 1.77 inches (45 mm), so it might eat your wrist up.

There is lume on its hands. It's bright and last for hours - it's Super Luminova.

02. Heritor Ryder HERHR4604

The HR4604 is our best-looking entry. Unlike its brother above, it has a fully exposed front. Its black and gold color-way make it extra Victorian-like. The dress watch definitely looks rich.

Its casing has real gold brushed on. The material its case is made out of is surgical grade stainless steel.

If you have smaller hands, you might want to stay away. You're looking at a skeleton watch that's big. Its case diameter is 1.73 inches (44 mm).

There are no numerals on its dial, Arabic or Roman. There’s only an outer ring that marks the minutes passed.

Its automatic watch movement comes with a 40 hour power reserve and 22 jewels between its gears.

It's window is scratch resistant. But it's not real sapphire crystal - it's sapphire coated mineral crystal.

There's a leather strap on it - it's premium Italian. It's quite soft on your hand.

The HR4604 is resistant up to 165 feet (50m). As its body and clasp are made of surgical-grade metal, it won't corrode. Don't forget what we said about getting leather wet, though.

It has luminous pigment on its watch hand. The eye-catching device has Super Luminova in place.

03. Heritor Lucius HR7800

The Lucius line has a variety of classic styles. It consists of watches that are pretty easy to read. The HR7808 is no exception. It has large circular markers. They are full of luminous pigment. Its hands are packed with them too.

If you look close, you'll notice black markings on its dial . They're from the carbon fiber on it. It's cool, but what's better is that the timepiece looks a lot like the Rolex Submariner. Their dials and bezels are similar. Considering that the HR7800 isn't expensive, it's nice that it looks like its from such a price range.

Speaking of its bezel, you can rotate it. As it turns, it ticks. This helps you time yourself when submerged. Yes, it's water resistant. It can handle 660 feet (200m) underwater. It comes with a thoroughly screwed crown, so its insides won't get wet. Unfortunately, its leather strap is the opposite of waterproof.

Although it can handle a good dip, you can't dive with it. It's not ISO 6425 certified.

Its window is sapphire coated. Its case diameter is not that big. It's only 1.61 inches (41 mm). Heritor's a fan of using premium materials, which is why surgical stainless steel is on its body.

Of course, its mechanism is automatic. Like the Sanford, it has a 36-hour power reserve. There's also 22 jewels between its gears.

04. Heritor Winston HERHR5201

Along with the Sanford, the Winston is one of the larger options on our list. Its stainless steel case is 1.77 inches (45 mm). You'll be able to spot the detail on its casing from a mile away - it's superbly grooved, making it gauge-like.

There's quite a few sub dials on it. The sub dial on the left is a calendar - it reads the day. The one parallel to it only reads the date. The one in the 12 o' clock position reads the time in another time zone. The pushers nears its crown work them.

It's another one of Heritor's dress watches that have an exposed front. We're not mad as watching its gears move is mesmerizing.

The model has alright water resistance. It can handle a 165 feet (50 m) dip. Yes, its strap is leather. The design on it makes it crocodile-like.

Its mechanism provides a 42 hour power reserve and 32 jewels. The more jewels present, the smoother a watch's gears will run. Around 20 is the standard amount, so you're in good hands.

You are getting mineral crystal on its display.

05. Heritor Daniels HERHR7401

The HHR7401 has a strange shape. It's a mix of a circle and rectangle. It's pillow-like, which makes it "techy". We think Heritor caught inspiration from smartwatches.

It doesn't come with an analog dial. The manufacturer placed three rings on its display. The outer one reads the hours passed, the middle one reads the minutes, while the inner one represents the seconds. Watch collectors are suckers for devices that look like it.

The Daniels is water-resistant. It can last 330 feet (100m) underwater. It's fully made out of high-quality metal, so you don't have to worry about corrosion. The stainless steel is surgical grade, so it can handle scratches. Watch straps made out of it are heavy, though.

In terms of its automatic movement, the option has 21 jewel bearings and a 36-hour power reserve.

If you have smaller wrists, it may not be for you - its stainless steel case is 1.69 inches (43 mm).

Things You Should Know

In the below section, we answered some burning questions you may have.

Are Heritor Watches Any Good?

Heritor's pieces are full of details and are the result of craftsmanship. The icing on top is the fact they all have premium builds. According to the brand, items are thoroughly quality checked before being sent out. This limits negative experiences, which is something other watch brands don't do. Don't forget that their price-tags aren't too bad either.

Where Are Heritor Watches Made?

Although not manufactured in America, they are designed there. The location where manufacturing takes place is unknown, but it's probably Japan.

Are They Any Downsides Of Working With The Company?

We already mentioned this, but the brand doesn't make their parts in-house. This doesn't affect product quality, and many of its competitors do this as well. If you must know, names like Seiko make their mechanisms themselves.

What Type Of Automatic Movement Do They Use?

We have no idea what the specific watch movements used were. We'd say Japanese as rival brands contain Japanese movements. We've seen ultra accurate Miyota mechanisms in some of their products. It's speculated that some of their cheaper watches have Chinese movements, though.

Does Heritor Offer Warranties?

Depending on the name you’re working with, the extent of the warranty you'll get would differ. When it comes to the watchmaker, they offer customers 2-year coverage for their pieces. Although this isn’t the longest, they cover all sorts of things. There's naturally some limitations to them. If you’ve ever misused your device, your contract would be voided.

Does Heritor Offer Returns?

If you're unhappy with their products, you can return them hassle-free during the first week of arrival. You may be wondering if you can return a watch a week or two after - it's possible, but it won't be as hassle free. Heritor would inspect it very thoroughly . If there’s a fault with it, you’ll get a new one. You won't be able to replace it with just any watch, though. This will only be possible if you're within the first 60-days of arrival window.

How Many Collections Are There?

As of now, they have 45 collections at their disposal. The pieces in a line are similar, but come with different designs. If you fell in love with the brand after our review, you'll love to know that their selections keep growing.

Each collection represents something. Their Aura line-up mimics the “beauty of stained glass’. Meanwhile, their Montclair collection seems to be inspired by speed boats.

Are They All Automatic?

The watchmaker is all about timepieces that are able to last generations. Their models have automatic or mechanical movements, as they're durable. Accuracy isn't huge with automatic watches, but they're reminiscent of times long forgotten - they've been around since the 18th century.


What did you think about our heritor watches review? We think it's a shame that not many people know who they are. By this point, it's clear that we're total fans of the manufacturer. They've hit the market with great prices and value, yet their products don't break bank. The number of them are immense, and there's a lot of attention gone into their build. If you want a timepiece that will be a family heirloom, make the right choice and work with the company.

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