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Dwiss Watches Review: Hot or Not?

December 3, 2021

A relative newcomer on the horological scene, Dwiss provides an enticing collection of limited edition timepieces that puts luxury on a pedestal for watch aficionados. 

Personally, their stock caliber movements are some of the best in the business. This ensures price is driven down allowing timepieces to become that little bit more accessible but remain exclusive. DWISS have already resoundely proven their standout design and dials are just as enticing to entry level watch enthusiasts. 

Pricewise, models such as the Tourbillon category stretch into five figure sums. Limited to ten pieces, they take a staggering four months to produce. With genuine Italian leather, a 45mm case and a Caliber Concepto 8950 Automatic Tourbillon you’ll be hard pressed to find this level of engineering.

Boasting a top notch ETA/PESEUX 7001 caliber, we do like the Mechanical range featuring less than 100 pieces per color. 

Yet, time waits for no man...so buckle up as we have a look at what makes Dwiss really tick.


The Lowdown

Under the R1 Collection, DWISS is mainly separated into four subcategories offering watch fiends the R1 Automatic, R1 Wandering Hours, R1 Mechanical and R1 Tourbillon. Its previous collections have included the iconic and elaborate M1  with less than 150 pieces, home to an incredible automatic Elabore movement.

Meanwhile, we rate the award winning M2 with its intricate dial and bold spinning disc that can be seen under the hour windows. There was even a Kickstarter Campaign launched for this particular model. If you thought that was adventurous, their R1 Kickstarter scheme raised the entire funds in less than 5 minutes with the first ever crowdfunded Swiss made tourbillon!

But what gives the brand its USP is the M3. In conjunction with the founder, Rafael Simoes Miranda, DWISS have given birth to another exclusive. In 2019, the first timepiece members-only design club came to fruition giving people the opportunity to create one of a kind watches alongside its founder. 

This special global club is responsible for the creation of the M3 with its multi layer dial. Featuring hour, minute and second markers on a unique displaced dial sets this timepiece apart. 

Redefining luxury, the Swiss made R1 Wandering Hours collection has plenty going for it. Luminous properties? Check. Swiss made ETA 2824 automatic movement? Check. And don’t forget its 20 plus jewels, 45mm case and sapphire crystal. 

How about an intriguing wandering hours display? You bet. In fact this specific way of telling time had previously been invented in the 12th Century for Pope Alexander XII among others. Talk about keeping the faith. 

This timekeeping method has also been seen in some of the most incredible watches ever engineered from the stables of Audemars Piguet and Vacheron Constantin. Finished with a leather or stainless steel strap, Wandering Hours watches can go underwater to an impressive 200m.

With less than 200 pieces for each color and a top grade movement, the R1 Automatic provides award winning design thanks to LICC and EPDA. It’s eye like time display genuinely makes an eye popping impression. 

But time isn’t quite up on this pioneering company. Dwiss benefits from a Classique selection with stunning watches made from precious materials such as 18 carat gold. Other highlights from this groundbreaking company include the RS1 and RC1 Mechanical collection weighing in at around a thousand bucks. 

Thanks to a European Product Design Award, why not enjoy its first rate caliber ETA/PESEUX 700. And with 100 models per color, this is one to adorn your watch box without having to take out a second mortgage. 

What are People Saying About Dwiss Watches?

When it comes to feedback and forums, DWISS have been acclaimed across the board. 

There are several posts like this one tipping their mechanical hat off to DWISS, whilst the Wandering Hours watch has been given high praise here. The latter was actually considered to be one of Kickstarters hottest ever watch campaigns raising in excess of $400,000.

People have widely seen their appeal for innovative technology that would normally burn several holes in your wallet. Nonetheless, there are other blogs praising the RS1 Automatic for its high quality movement that delivers price conscious yet unconventional design. 

Watchreviewblog sees the brand a stylish wild card while there are other blogs such as here that find DWISS a tad too futuristic.

Hungry for more? Check out this fascinating interview with the founder of DWISS or head to this review comparing the striking M2 model to Linde Werdelin.


Where Can I Purchase Dwiss Watches?

Priced between $900 to around the $2500 mark, Dwiss can be purchased via their official site and Ebay where you can benefit from some sublime second hand models. 

As trendy as Kim Kardashian singing the Wellerman sea shanty, DWISS has become one of the first watch brands to accept cryptocurrency. Now that’s trendsetting if ever we’ve seen it.

Overview of Dwiss Watches

Utilizing the highest quality movements, Dwiss has a craft for producing some of the boldest, futuristic and vibrant watches around.

Known as Design Watch Independent Switzerland, Dwiss has been going strong since 2011 when Rafael Simoes Miranda had a vision. A watch designer for the best part of two decades, he has crafted timepieces for more than a dozen brands. 

Producing unique timepieces for a decade, he has been awarded with a host of prestigious honors such as the Red Dot Design Award. This former Brazilian watch design teacher has continued his majestic journey producing the world’s first Niobium watch.

With 9 awards under their belt including numerous IDA gongs and an International Asian Design recognition, this youthful brand has executed an array of unique items with a distinct aesthetic appeal that ticks all watch lover boxes. 


Tick Tock...The Final Word

Let’s take a moment to cogitate. 

According to its founder Miranda, “Any watch can tell the time, but ours tell it differently!” True indeed. 

This is unequivocally displayed in the bold ingenuity from DWISS not to mention its defined selection of models. Kudos must go to the limited edition philosophy that makes quality beat quantity each and every time. 

Whether you prefer the more ostentatious and daring watches or are more at home with the classic choices, one thing is for certain. Watch and learn from this up and coming Swiss made horological contender. 

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