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The Ultimate Davosa Watches Review: Are They a High Quality Brand?

March 15, 2023

Time to listen up folks! Searching for the creme de la creme of timepiece reviews? Well, we’re not sitting on our mechanical laurels as we dive head first into our extensive look at Davosa.

This brand's expertise lies in manufacturing some of the finest quality pilot watches, chronograph watches and diving watches with prices to suit all manner of wallets. One of our favourites is the Davosa Argonautic collection whilst the Davosa Apnea diver utilises the finest materials, ingenious design and a turning bezel.

So hang on to your straps, synchronise your watches and let's get straight into our Davosa watches review.

The Lowdown


Diving watches

For those with a penchant for all things nautical.

Considered to be one of the leading sport and diving watchmakers around, Davosa offers five main categories to choose from. Watch aficionados can enjoy an array of styles including several diver pieces with ternos ceramic options, pilot watches, performance watches, executive and even davosa ladies watches.

According to Davosa, their diver watches rely solely on “absolute water tightness, clear readability and easy operability in creating all its dive watches.” Consequently, Davosa’s exclusive diver collection has sublime precision, outstanding movements, a helium escape valve and timing as accurate as Roger Federer’s forehand. 

Take for example the one of a kind Argonautic Lumis range providing incredible robustness with its tritium gas tubes positioned under the swiss dial. Meanwhile, the Argonautic Automatic collection is a sleek gentleman automatic watch that's scratch resistant offering anti-glare materials.

Its sapphire crystal dial guarantees a perfect view of the face and a safe ascent to the water’s surface. Can you wear it with a wetsuit? Oh, you bet you can. Show off your arm candy 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea thanks to its stainless steel strap and pioneering Super-LumiNova BG W9 gleaming pigment. The devil really is in the detail.

You will find great comments and a video clip of the Argonautic watch and other models here.

Yet, Davosa’s passion for diving watches knows no bounds or depths. This is clearly demonstrated by their impressive Apnea Diver, produced in collaboration with renowned freediving champion Nik Linder. 

Meanwhile, the sleek and sophisticated Davosa Ternos Ceramic Automatic is the ideal alternative to a Rolex Submariner, Steinhart or Squale watch. Made from sapphire crystal, watch fiends can gaze in awe at its impressive Swiss made movements. With a generous 40mm diameter, the davosa ternos ceramic watch provides water resistance up to 200m, a glossy striking bezel and excellent light quality functions.

If you’re on the hunt for a retro style to match Elvis in his heyday, Davosa also covers this category with the everyday, price conscious Vintage Diver. For less than $400, get “All Shook Up” with this model displaying superb quality and function paying homage to the earlier freediving watch models. 

Think curved crystal not to mention a brilliant aluminium inlay. Heck, they even pack in a second time zone that is displayed beautifully. 

Performance Watches

For those who enjoy getting up close and personal with Mother Nature

Lovers of the great outdoors will simply hanker for one of Davosa’s performance models. Again, five different categories define the ultimate in performance. Firstly, the bold Trailmaster series has each watch weighing less than 100 grams. 

Nowhere near as brash as the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle interview, the Davosa Trailmaster is compact and lightweight. Delivering sleek looks, it is extremely reliable and tough, no matter how far or treacherous the hike may be.

But hold the phone. Davosa delivers just as much for its Swiss made quality items which is clearly visible in its military watch range. Excellent clarity coupled with vintage cockpit style looks make their Military Collection sophisticated and timeless. 

Just take the Military Automatic with its generous 42mm face, oversized hour markers, signature Swiss movement and water protection up to 200 metres. A real head turner, you could say it’s enough to stop time!

If you still want to wear something as light as a feather, look no further than Davosa’s extensive range of titanium watches. Stand a titan among men thanks to their dynamic Titanium collection

As indestructible as Iron Man, it has great functionality and durability. Benefit from anti glare crystal, Arabic numeral markers on the face and 50m water resistance. 

Throw in a titanium leather or calfskin leather strap and you’ll soon be adorning your wrist in no time! Whether for work or play, its distinct masculine edge is perfect for busy office executives or the modern metropolitan man.

For adventure enthusiasts, the Davosa Axis range is as vibrant as one of Elton John’s outfits. Taking its cue from the axis deer, it is extremely robust. A stainless steel black plated or polished case, sapphire crystal that's resistant to light and a Swiss movement come as standard. 

Striking Arabic numerals, and SuperLuminova ensures clear visibility especially in darker surroundings. But that’s just scratching the surface. This article here will give you a bigger insight into the extraordinary powers of the Davosa Axis. 

On the other hand, if you still feel the need for speed, the Davosa Speedline series is just the ticket. Suitable for sporty geeks, this line is a continuation of the already successful Speedline range. This set of watches certainly packs more of a punch than Anthony Joshua with its Swiss 5030 mechanism, tachymeter and date functions. 

Snappy and debonair, a few highlights from their Speedline range include two pushers, crown protection and an analogue calibre meaning exquisite precision. 


Pilot Watches

For aviation fans, explorers, vintage watch lovers and motor sport aficionados.

Taking inspiration from the Wright Brothers, Emile Roger and Karl Kappler among others, Davosa has a plethora of pilot watches available. 

Davosa’s pilot watches are further supported by the great history of Sir Issac Newton’s discoveries and the pivotal role he played in capturing the measurement of time. 

First up is the 300 limited edition Newton Pilot Moonphase Chronograph with moon phase display, stopwatch and wonderful embellishment. Check out a clip here showcasing one of the most intricate movements ever created. 

Other subcategories feature the Neoteric Pilot, Aviator Quartz, Newton Pilot Day-Date Automatic and Newton Pilot. Aesthetically pleasing on the eye with incredible accuracy and state of the art functions, the Newton Pilot collection is one to watch!

Another great choice for speed freaks and pilot watch addicts can be found in the Newton Speedometer line. Harking back to the 50’s and 60’s, where cars were the symbol of individuality and new dawnings, Davosa have carefully dedicated a watch to this specific period in time. 

Say goodbye to traditional watch hands and hello to a retro sportscar dial look that Sir Stirling Moss would be proud of. Evoking this glorious era, they have truly captured the Zeitgeist perfectly.

As for the attractive yet effortless Neoteric Pilot watches, they take advantage of 42mm faces and several colors such as blue, black and brown. These snappy Swiss models are completed with a vintage leather strap. 

But we have saved the best till last. Hats off to the Newton Pilot Day Date Automatic which has excelled for its high quality appearance, 44mm case and sun ray dial adding a touch of luxury.

Executive Watches

For office execs, frequent travellers or doing business in the boardroom or on the putting green.

Davosa has a scintillating array of Executive Watches that doesn’t make them a distinct diving brand. There are a diverse choice of dress watch designs, models and colors to make strolling down the fairway, beach or into a meeting look simple. 

Effortless and highly adaptable, they can be worn in a number of different business and casual environments. Top picks include the Gentleman Automatic, fantastic for the distinguished gent or dapper chap with a hankering for a smart watch. 

From its collection in 2012 comes the reinvigorated business watch that can cope with anything the business day throws at it. 

Understated and with a case height of less than 10mm, it can easily complement any number of sharp suits. With linear indices, three super straight hands and a round case, it comes complete with a unique butterfly buckle. Taking off the strap via a telescopic pin allows it to be transferable to any variety of smart or casual looks.

Another distinctive line from the Executive range is the Davosa Flatline. But there aint anything flat about this little number. To dare is to do and nothing defines this more than its all sapphire crystal face and adventurous yet intricate guilloché minute zone. 

The moon phase display is perfectly placed on the second dial leading to a true horological masterpiece. Last but by no means least is the Vireo series. A hot contender is the Vireo Quartz and Dual Time collection with inner ring, not one crown but two crowns and different world time zones elevating this simple watch.. 


Ladies Watches

For delicate wrists and those looking for the perfect decorative watch.

Talk about girl power. Davosa certainly has this in abundance. This is reflected unequivocally in its extensive plethora of ladies watches fit for any princess!

Believe it or not, the Ladies range takes in a whopping fifteen different models including Arielle, Classic Quartz and Lunastar. The latter takes its influence from the night sky that’s seen in its awe inspiring mother of pearl face and polished zircons symbolising the stars above. 

For ladies who want exceptional clarity or something delicate, the Davosa Amaranto range ticks all the watch boxes. Available in a variety of colors case diameters ranging from 31mm-39mm, the leather strap is as soft as a baby’s bottom.

Furthermore, ladies can find a broad choice of skeletonised watches in the Grande Diva collection. If cogs and springs are your thing, this really does hit all the time spots. As charming as George Clooney, the slim interior, classic lines and polished stainless steel case is not just appealing to men. As they say, beauty is very much in the eye of the beholder. 

For those searching for film star appeal, Davosa’s eye-catching Audrey Range is a tribute to one of the most popular style icons of all time - Audrey Hepburn.

Specifically produced for the company, look out for the stainless steel case resembling Hepburn’s famous shades with mother of pearl and zircon gems. It seems ladies too can be dedicated followers of fashion.

And for the ultimate in sophistication and distinctiveness, the Dreamline II Collection is another winner. With no second hand or date on the case, the ostentatious dial takes centre stage brimming with gemstones and majestic mother of pearl.


History of Davosa Watches

Davosa’s original background can be traced as far back to 1883. It was deep in the Jura area of Switzerland between Basel and Geneva where a certain farmer decided to take up the art of watchmaking - Paul Hasler. 

Comprising of four sons, watchmaking transformed into a passion for the Hasler family. While Abel produced pocket watches with first class precision, it was Paul Hasler who turned it into a profession.

As a small boy, he was completely captivated with watches, especially those belonging to his father. By 1917, after finishing his watchmaker training, he created his own company called Paul Hasler Terminages d’Horlogerie. But, the inter-war years proved trickier for Hasler due to mass unemployment forcing many companies to shut up shop. 

Thanks to his first rate quality watches and meticulously high standards, Hasler survived. Alongside his brother David, 1946 saw Hasler Freres born. The watchmaking company was then handed down to two of Paul's sons, namely Eric Hasler and Wilfred Hasler.

Together they went on to reach greater heights with personal creations whilst exporting many of their models to both Europe and the United States. The business then relocated its premises to Tramelan where they have been based since 1953. 

By the start of the 1960’s, the focus moved to more technical and mechanical timepieces satisfying the most discerning horological fans. In 1974, with demand from the Far East ramping up, it was time for Hasler to start diversifying with quartz watches soon becoming part of their range. 

It was only in 1993 when Davosa watches and its brand was fully developed in conjunction with German watch distributor Friedrich-Wilhelm Bohle. Mechanical watches were undergoing a genuine renaissance and this like minded partnership was the first step in bringing about a mechanical revolution. 

Some of its first productions included the quality three handed iconic Valjoux 7750/ 7751 caliber mechanism as well as a mechanical alarm watch. In fact, some of Davosa’s first limited edition watches are now a must have accessory for watch collectors. 

To this day, Davosa remains the cornerstone of stunning contemporary design and top notch technology. This family run business is still a major player in the worldwide watch sector. 

Davosa is never far from delivering sublime workmanship gaining critical success and has become one of the top watch brands to watch out for among retailers, watch fans and the press. 


What are People Saying About Davosa Watches?

Well there’s the good, the bad and the ugly to any post. And this is no different. People have applauded this swiss company for its ingenuity and unique designs here, whilst its vintage watches and diving watches have received rave reviews

This is clearly demonstrated by the Davosa Stratosphere project, where they took the Argonautic Dual Time up to 30,000 plus feet - via a helium balloon! A world’s first for a Swiss manufacturer.. 

Yet, there are some posts and Davosa forums comparing the brand to Marmite...you either hate it or love it. This is due to a cluster of their homage watches which seem to devalue the brand including the Davosa Batman. And there are those watch elitists who have marked Davosa down for not changing at all with the times.

Where Can I Buy Davosa Watches?

Davosa watches can be purchased through numerous online sites including their official United States distributor here with some of their best timepieces available to pre-order. 

Watch geeks can discover a wealth of options from either Amazon or Ebay where you can also buy impressive second hand timepieces. 

Alternatively, check out popular sites such as UK based Watchshop, Jura Watches, CWSellors and Watch Hut among other official stockists. 


What Do the Press Say?

On the whole...positive things. 

Don’t believe us? Check out this article from the Sydney Morning Herald focusing on a Swiss made davosa mechanical watch embarking on an epic journey across Australia.

This is just one the many times where the company have hit the headlines. 

Tick Tock...the Final Word.

Time is certainly running out on our comprehensive post. 

Priced between $650 andl $2,500, these budget friendly Swiss made watches guarantee an air of authenticity with at least 60% manufacturing taking place in the actual territory. You can find out further information about what makes up a Swiss timepiece here

Its long standing watchmaking, Swiss components and the brands high quality mechanical watches, chronographs and signature diving watches make Davosa watches excellent value at this price point. When it comes to money, you really are getting more bang for your buck. 

This is in contrast to the larger Swiss watch companies such as Breguet, Jaeger-LeCoultre and stalwarts Omega. Despite a fiercely competitive marketplace, Davosa’s rich heritage and enticing variety of price competitive models ensure they’ll continue to grow from strength to strength.

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