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DaLuca Watch Straps Review: Is it Time to Give Credit?

July 28, 2021

Since 2009, DaLuca straps have been causing a buzz on the watch scene for their array of top quality bands and accessories. 

Yet, don't we all love a little bit of customization? As they say, beauty is very much in the eye of the beholder. Covering the horological bases nicely with their myriad of bands and straps, their leather watch bands offer time peeps an extensive category of options. 

I must say the leather nato strap is something to behold with different widths, colors, leathers and impressive strap thickness between 1.1mm and 3.5mm. Heck, they even throw in stitching color and an unusual plethora of ostentatious materials such as lizard, ostrich and crocodile...now that’s snappy! 

Prices start around $100, but you certainly get what you pay for. In my view, their US handcrafted nylon or Horween military straps hit the spot. They are without doubt the sort of things you should be slapping on your wrist come rain, hail or shine. This classy brushed stainless steel strap can sit on any wearer with consummate ease. Built to last, the bonus is they are compatible with a host of companies including Rolex, IWC and Omega. Nice.

Time is of the essence. So let’s examine why this all American brand is being bandied about.

Vintage Swiss Ammo Watch Strap

The Lowdown

Timelords listen up...you too can have the opportunity to adorn your arms thanks to six main collections. This features custom cordovan straps, shell military straps, nylon or horween leather bands and their one of a kind Swiss Ammo Vintage straps

Dating back to the 20th century, these rare bands are rather popular. Measuring 3mm-4mm, they are produced from highly sought after ammo pouches. We like the durability of these worn straps that come in several colours from an elegant dark brown to natural. 

Unlike the orange glow emanating from that last spray tan, there’s nothing fake about the aesthetics of these strapping beauties. They are the real deal. Many of these elegant bands come complete with wear or mark etchings, embossing and painted graphics. The vintage Shell Cordovan strap range is one to watch standing out for its melting pot of bizarre names. 

Ever wanted to wear a Fieger or Wilhemina strap? How about showcasing your Coontenski or sleek Sutedi strap at a dinner party? Well, now you can with their incredible ammo pouch collection. The French Ammo strap is one of the company's hottest items. Packed with character, it utilizes vintage ammunition pouches dating back more than six decades. That’s definitely one way to cause a bang. 

Be wary though of the distinct strap smell once removed from the linen presentation bag. Nevertheless, the brand compensates with one of its USP’s providing matte steel and black PVD bands in its shell cordovan category. 

We also doth our timekeeping caps to their bespoke bands. Hand made for compatibility with Apple smart watches, they are ergonomically comfortable and seamless. Easy on the eye, this custom strap can be paired with one of many dedicated adaptors fitting any number of Apple timepieces.  

Special heads up goes to their shell cordovan strap collection. Sourced from a handful of exclusive tanneries, some as far away as Shinki Hikaku in Japan, this guarantees pristine craftsmanship. Taking six months to produce, bit by bit, some of the vibrant tones are as limited as the ultra rare Eurasian map Patek Philippe.

With excellent stitching and top notch comfort, this sumptuous strap can fit lugs anywhere between 18mm up to around 28mm. Finally, the Bell and Ross Category showcases its dive strap collection and suede models with two tone stitching finished in several colors.

Military Leather Watch Strap

What are People Saying About DaLuca Straps?

Don't believe the hype? There are tonnes of posts like this one stating the brand is set to stand out as a major player in the leather strap tanning market.

And that's not all. GQ are a fan of their horween bands with its thoughtful hand crafted straps making it an essential dress accessoryFurthermore, certain articles such as this from Men's Style Pro have praised the company for its ability to compliment any timepiece with strap versatility and outstanding supple leather.

On the other hand, there are some timepiece fanatics who have mentioned in their review a different feeling towards their bands. They have outlined they are somewhat pricey and can cost that little bit more. Want to uncover the real scoop? Visit here for further information and a comprehensive look at DaLuca’s impact.

Where Can I Purchase DaLuca?

Buy DaLuca bands from the official site, Etsy and Amazon. The price range of a Cordovan watch strap is upwards of $150 while there are price friendly nylon bands around $30. 

Ideal for Summer months, keep in mind, the nylon ones are lightweight adding something to your wardrobe and accentuating any type of outfit.If you want your strap or watch band to last a lifetime, check out their leather balms here. Priced under $20, heavy wearers can benefit from additional moisture protection.

Shell Cordovan Watch Strap

Origins of DaLuca

Located in San Diego, USA, DaLuca is the brainchild of Daniel Luczak. His passion for luxury has led to manufacturing not just handmade watch straps but a wealth of high end leather apparel. Originally producing straps for Panerai watches, this brand is home to camera straps, keychains, t-shirts, hats, notepads, wallets, belts and face masks. 

Tick Tock...The Final Word

Whether you're after a leather NATO strap or a tough nylon strap, this company certainly delivers on comfort. The half dozen band options with its staggering choice of colours, designs, stitching color and buckles ensure all watch nerds will be licking their lips. The overall looks, strap tone and overall product appeal to many watch fiends who wish to elevate their arm candy with striking visual looks.

Although the majority of straps are that little bit more, the amount of rugged leather cordovan bands demand attention. With an impressive portfolio together with its custom made focused straps and bands, personalization of your timepiece is taken to another horological dimension.

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